our Story

Our organization was born out of a desire to make a difference after witnessing the devastating impact of hunger in our world. Our founders saw the need for a more sustainable approach to hunger and disaster relief efforts, one that could address the root causes of food insecurity while also minimizing waste. They saw the potential of freeze-drying technology to help rescue excess food and redistribute it to those in need, thus, the birth of our organization. Today, we continue to build on this vision by partnering with local businesses, volunteers, and donors to impact our community and beyond positively.

Our Mission

Our mission is to obtain excess food from restaurants and retailers, freeze-dry it, and distribute it to needy people. By doing so, we aim to reduce food waste, address food insecurity, and promote sustainable food practices.

Our Approach

Everyone deserves access to nutritious food, regardless of their financial situation. We work alongside local partners and volunteers to distribute our freeze-dried meals to those who most need them.